About me

Hello, I am Mallat, welcome to my blogMallat!

I am a Zentai/Lycra fetishist and enthusiast, I created this blog to share my feelings and experiences with the world. All you will see here, are pictures and videos of myself in different suits and situations.

My posts are a mix of eroticism, sensuality, art and experimentation. I feel comfortable inside a tight suit, sometimes it turns me on, some others relaxes me. But always brings me into this world of feelings and fantasy.

Despite you are not going to see nudity on this blog (it’s not my style), the content I publish is related with sex, some videos are just fancy caricatures, others I explore deeply other fetishes and fantasies.

This blog is updated regularly, all the content that you will find here is original, created by myself. I do not make money with this blog, it costs me money! I do it because I enjoy dress up with lycra, is a hobby, a fetish, a way of escaping the routine and being different.. it’s me.

I really hope you like what I do, and if not, I expect respect and understanding about this and other alternative lifestyles.

Who is Mallat?Golden zentai

Probably this is one of the biggest mysteries of the universe, but in fact, Mallat is just a secret character created by the complex mind of another fetishist, who wanted to explore new limits, escape from boring routines, and provide a wide space to his creativity. The real person behind all this layers of Lycra and perversion may not be as interesting as you think, and most surely not the type of person you would expect.

Where else can I find you?

I do not chat or video chat, please do not ask. But I respond to all emails. Feel free to contact me, I am always open to any conversation.

My fetlife account: Mallat
My youtube channel: Tight Lycra