Tight Lycra

This is my world of sensations inside a zentai suit of tight lycra

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Playing with Balloons 2

I know I know! That visible finger escaping from the suit is also bothering me! It totally breaks the essence of the zentai suit. I almost discarded this video from publishing, but finally decided to upload it. Hope you don’t find the ‘visible finger’ too disturbing.
I promise that I will buy a new red suit from my own sale and will do an amazing new video with it.

What do you desire?

Some time ago I came across this speech of Alan Watts and I found it very motivational. There are many videos on Youtube featuring it so I decided to make my own version based on the lycra/zentai topic.

This video contains images from many of my other videos, and also some discarded clips.
Hope it also inspires you…


This white full body tights are meant to be worn unnoticed underclothes, it is made from a comfortable fabric and will be great for the cold mornings. Of course at some point of the day I will have to do a visit to the toilet. Thanks to this fantastic aperture that won’t be a problem.

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