Tight Lycra

This is my world of sensations inside a zentai suit of tight lycra

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White Zentai

This gallery features my new white zentai. It looks yellowish on these sepia photos but it is totally white. It’s made from a soft fabric and despite it’s not super tight it feels very good. I guess I am going to spend a lot of nights sleeping in it…

wzen1 wzen2 wzen3 wzen4 wzen5 wzen6 wzen7

When it gets old

Some zentai suits get totally ruined after whashing them, this is the result of my shiny blue zentai after a couple of washes, note the ugly scratches and the lose of color. It’s a pity because it still fits perfect and feels good. That’s what you get when you buy cheap.

scratch3 scratch1 scratch2


This is my new leotard. It’s made from a thick fabric and fits my thin body pretty well. You can feel the strength of the fabric when moving. In these pictures, I combined it with my red tights, it creates a nice contrast. If you want to see it with other of my stuff, just drop a message!

leo1 leo2 leo3 leo4