About me

Hello, I am Mallat, welcome to my blogMallat!

I am a Zentai/Lycra fetishist and enthusiast, I created this blog to share my feelings and experiences with the world. All you will see here, are pictures and videos of myself in different suits and situations.

My posts are a mix of eroticism, sensuality, art and experimentation. I feel comfortable inside a tight suit, sometimes it turns me on, some others relaxes me. But always brings me into this world of feelings and fantasy.

Despite you are not going to see nudity on this blog (it’s not my style), the content I publish is related with sex, some videos are just fancy caricatures, others I explore deeply other fetishes and fantasies.

This blog is updated regularly, all the content that you will find here is original, created by myself. I do not make money with this blog, it costs me money! I do it because I enjoy dress up with lycra, is a hobby, a fetish, a way of escaping the routine and being different.. it’s me.

I really hope you like what I do, and if not, I expect respect and understanding about this and other alternative lifestyles.

** As of February 2020, this blog will not be updated anymore. TightLycra comes to an end. Thanks to everybody who followed me.**

Who is Mallat?

Probably this is one of the biggest mysteries of the universe, but in fact, Mallat it’s just a secret character created by the complex mind of another fetishist, who wanted to explore new limits, escape from boring routines, and provide a wide space to his creativity. The real person behind all this layers of Lycra and perversion may not be as interesting as you think, and most surely not the type of person you would expect.


Some common questions people ask about me and this blog.

Where are you from?

I am originally from Europe but I live in Canada (Alberta)

Are you gay?

No, I am bisexual.

Where do you buy your gear?

Most of my suits are bought in Ebay, I buy from multiple sellers and some other online stores, and I rarely repeat. So I can’t really recommend one. If you are looking for original stuff, Ebay is a good source, also dancewear stores have good quality gear, but usually more expensive.

How many zentai suits do you own?

It oscillates around 10-15 suits, plus tights, leotards and other accessories. My collection is smaller than you may think. Cheap stuff breaks easily or gets ruined after a wash, so my wardrobe is renewed often.

Do you always wear zentai/lycra?

No, in my daily life I dress like any other person, I only gear up myself when I can and at home only. I never dress in public.

Can I see more pictures/videos of you?

No. For the last 9 years, I updated this blog weekly with original pictures and with 1-2 videos a month, you can see plenty of stuff so please do not ask me to send you more. Everything I have is published here. You can, however, suggest ideas of anything you would like me to do or to see, I appreciate these very much, but I can’t guarantee that I will be able to do it.

Can I skype or video-chat with you?

No, I do not use skype or any video-chat system. Please do not ask, I repeat, I do not do web-cam video. Some people seem to be stuck with this idea and never stop asking.  If you want to watch me, you have plenty of videos to browse in this blog. Do not expect me to provide you a private show or similar. If you want to contact me, feel free to use the contact form, I like to receive feedback and I am open to any conversation via e-mail. Please ensure you enter your correct email address, or I won’t be able to respond!

Can I meet you?

For a coffee? Of course! I love to meet new and interesting people. If you are visiting my area or I am coming to your city feel free to contact me. Follow my twitter account to know when/where I am traveling.
For something else? Well, keep in mind that I am looking primarily for friends, this means people I know personally and I can trust, I do not accept random play dates.

Can I buy a suit from you?

None of my items are for sale. However, sometimes I get gear in the wrong size or I am able to get some new zentai suits at a low prices. Check the ‘stuff for sale’ section often to see if there is anything on sale.
If you REALLY want some of my used items, contact me with an offer and I will consider it.

Why I have to register to see some content?

The reason why some content is protected and visible only to registered users is to protect minors to accidentally access to adult content, as well as avoid automated web scrappers. The videos or images protected have usually more explicit content that the non-protected ones. For this reason I prefer users to sign up, and accept the terms and conditions of the site. The registration is free, and your mail/data is not shared with any other party. This web uses SSL encrypted data, so you can browse safely.

You can find our privacy policy here: https://www.tightlycra.net/about-me/privacy-policy/

What happened to your Youtube channel?

My youtube channel was terminated by Youtube on August 2018 due to community guidelines infractions. It contained more that 100 videos collected from more than 10 years of existence. However all videos have been re-uploaded to a private server and can be seen in this blog again.

I am not considering to have another Youtube channel in the future.

Why are you closing your blog?

All projects come to an end at some point, I have been maintaining this blog for more that 10 years, but at this point I am no longer motivated to continue and I want to redirect this effort to other projects.Tight Lycra costs money and time, and the incentive of the past that was interacting with followers has dissapeared.

Of course I will still like lycra and will continue to slip into my zentais when possible.

Note that after a certain period this website will be removed and all content will disapear from the internet. Sorry.