Suit and Body

This is a first try of my new skin color suit and the black body on top. As you may see, the suit has some holes on the face. It is meant to be worn for long sessions, and for this I prefer to have openings in the face and crotch. The black body gives big consistency and I liked wearing it on top of the other suit. About the zentai underneath, probably I should dedicate a post to it, it is very poorly done, was supposed to be made to measure (but it is loose) and the proportions are ridiculous. Simply I can say do not buy on… More to come…

Dying White

This white suit is approaching the end of its life. I had it for many years and slept in it countless times, it is soft and comfortable. However, this intense use comes with a price, the fabric is getting weak and many holes have been already repaired. Soon will be time to find a replacement.