This white full body tights are meant to be worn unnoticed underclothes, it is made from a comfortable fabric and will be great for the cold mornings. Of course at some point of the day I will have to do a visit to the toilet. Thanks to this fantastic aperture that won’t be a problem.

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This is my new leotard. It’s made from a thick fabric and fits my thin body pretty well. You can feel the strength of the fabric when moving. In these pictures, I combined it with my red tights, it creates a nice contrast. If you want to see it with other of my stuff, just drop a message!

leo1 leo2 leo3 leo4


Sometimes zentai is a bridge that connects ourselves to our imagination, a transformation tool that converts you to another creature, object, element or, as in this case, to another person. But this travel of experimentation and transportation into an ‘alter ego’ it’s always a big part of the game.