Welcome to the new blog!

Kiss my Lycra ass. This is my message to Google.

Kiss my Lycra ass. This is my message to Google.

Due to the new anti-sex policy of Google, Blogger is not going to allow sexual/erotic content anymore. Unfortunately my blog was included in this category so I had to find another solution to continue this project. DonĀ“t worry, all the content from years of encasing myself in tight Lycra is available here too!

It is sad to see another attack to what I believe is freedom of speech. Despite my blog does not contain explicit nudity or sex, it is true that there is some implicit sexuality on it and I fear some day I can find it censored, it wouldn’t be the first time. I don’t want to take risks and that’s why I did this change.

Right now this website is hosted in a payment platform, is the only way to ensure is not going to be censored by another stupid anti-freedom policy. But not sure how long I am going to be able to afford this.

Meanwhile, I hope you like the new look and enjoy the content.



I want to inform that my Facebook account has been removed by the administrators. This happened without any previous notification.

The only thing that i’ve been able to figure out is that is closed because of inappropiate material.

I won’t open an account there again. Their policy about “inappropiate content” and  the closed mind they have sucks.

I’m sorry for those who added me as a friend there, and I encourage to continue visitng this blog often.


Xtube ban

Today I recieved the notice that my account at xtube has been banned due to violate the conditions. Then all my videos are no longer available there.
The reason that my account has been cancelled is because I put a link in some videos to this blog. They consider that i am using xtube to promote my web and make money. They offered me to enter at Xtube’s amateur program and earn money with my videos.

I think that is very sad to be censored also in porn sites, months ago I was censored on youtube too. I will stop to upload anymore at Xtube.

I’m not sure the way to continue now, for the moment this blog will continue being a free form to share my fetish to the world and not a way to make money.