Dying White

This white suit is approaching the end of its life. I had it for many years and slept in it countless times, it is soft and comfortable. However, this intense use comes with a price, the fabric is getting weak and many holes have been already repaired. Soon will be time to find a replacement.


This white full body tights are meant to be worn unnoticed underclothes, it is made from a comfortable fabric and will be great for the cold mornings. Of course at some point of the day I will have to do a visit to the toilet. Thanks to this fantastic aperture that won’t be a problem.

ape4 ape3ape2ape1



White Zentai

This gallery features my new white zentai. It looks yellowish on these sepia photos but it is totally white. It’s made from a soft fabric and despite it’s not super tight it feels very good. I guess I am going to spend a lot of nights sleeping in it…

wzen1 wzen2 wzen3 wzen4 wzen5 wzen6 wzen7