White Mess

This is a failed idea that was supposed to be something totally different. It happened that the white paint was not in good condition, it was too dry and was not able to use as intended. Finally I decided to film it anyway and enjoy the ‘mess’, this is the result.

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This is a very special video recorded a few years ago. It was done during one of those rare occasions where I meet other zentai friends.

During our time together we dressed in different suits and engaged in some zentai play rubbing and touching our bodies, we got very excited and overall was a good experience.

This is a thing I love to do no matter what’s the sex of the other person. If you are suffering the hot summer, get ready, as things are going to get damn hotter while you watch!

Hope you enjoy the video, thanks to my play partners that day that were: AndyeLycra and Lycraboy77

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