New Horizons – Tight Lycra 10th Anniversary

Happy new year to everyone!
One day, sitting in front of my computer, searching online for some interesting lycra stuff and inspired by other similar websites, I came across with the idea of creating a blog where I could share pictures of myself in zentai suits. This was 10 years ago, Tight Lycra was born. As many of my projects there were no big plans for it, it was just a tool to share pictures and videos, no order or schedule, a way to express my feelings, my enjoyment of my tight clothing fetish.

This ride had ups and downs, moments where I’ve been highly motivated and pushed creativity a lot, moments where I just got pissed off and almost abandoned… But somehow this project survived, and more than 500 posts later here we are.

Despite that the official first post was done on march 11th 2009, the idea started way before and also my first videos to Xtube and Youtube were already uploaded (but unfortunately now both channels are gone for good). For this reason I count Jan 1st as the beginning of my 10 year celebrations.

I want to say a big thank you to all people who visited this blog, watched videos or enjoyed any of my content, this was indeed the ultimate goal, there is no point in posting my photos/videos if nobody is going to see them. In addition, thanks to this adventure I met very interesting people and made good friends, and this certainly helped in maintaining this alive.

So again, I appreciate very much all the people that has been active watching, commenting, getting inspired or got their first zentai because they loved my videos. This compensates the effort and cost of this.

Because I reached the 10 year milestone, I decided that I should celebrate it, not many pages of this type survive that long being updated regularly. So stay tuned as I have prepared some surprises!.

However, if you had read until here, I will make to you another revelation, by the end of this year, this blog will come to an end.  Yes, I am sad to say it, but there is a substantial maintenance cost, also I find myself lacking motivation in creating new and original content, there is an investment in money and time which I begin to struggle to find. 2019 is going to be a year with big changes in my life, for this reason I decided to move forward to new projects, new horizons. I will give to Tight Lycra the ending that deserves, but it’s time to go.

Thanks all for being here, see you inside a tight suit.


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  1. Anonymous

    Always enjoying your photos! Thanks and good luck


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