YouTube account closure *updated*

I got the notification from Youtube that my account has been suspended due to community guidelines infractions. This means that all the videos (more than 100) are not visible anymore. This is not a big surprise, as I had videos marked as inappropriate many times and I noticed an increasing trend on conservative rules. I tried to keep the most explicit videos away from there but obviously wasn’t enough and finally it happened.

I am very saddened to see it go, because I kept that account for more than 10 years, and is what maintained this blog active for many years, there are videos that I don’t have the originals anymore and are lost forever.

After a period of thinking where I have been considering the closure of the blog itself, I’ve decided to continue after having another solution for hosting the videos. However, some changes will need to be introduced to ensure continuity.

The videos will begin to be restored, but will take some time until all are back. Oh, and most of them will require to be signed in. Sorry, but no more third party dependencies and only for real Tight Lycra fans.


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