Zentai Statue

Ok, today I come with something a little bit different… and messy. First of all do not try this at home, unless you know what you are doing. In this video I decided to have some messy fun, but instead of using paint, I used plaster.
As you know plaster will harden in a few minutes, creating a zentai statue.

The experience is quite fun and feeling the plaster setting is quite exciting, However, this process totally ruins the suit, that can’t be saved after it, also the zip will get stuck trapping me inside the dirty suit… fun?

Playing with plaster can be dangerous, it can burn your skin or stick onto it, or you can get really trapped, never let the plaster touch your skin. Many safety measures were taken to make this.

I would like to try this again, but could be better with somebody else’s help to pour the plaster so the result could me more realistic as a statue…

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